Monica and Andrzej – wedding in Barcelona

When the Groom contacted us and said that together with his fiancée, they want to get married in Barcelona, our first thought was, of course, wedding on the beach! The party in open-air, on a terrace, by a swimming pool, with the view on the panorama of the city, with many candles and green plants, with live music played by a Spanish band. Generally, the boundaries of our imagination were going wild.


However, after a short conversation with Andrzej, we found out that for this couple, the most important things are peace and comfort. They were not interested in a typical wedding atmosphere, neither in decorations and other standard schemes that for other couples are often the biggest dream. For this couple, the most important thing was to get married in the company of their family and close friends and to spend their family time in a beautiful setting of Barcelona. They didn’t desire anything of those attractions that we were thinking about at the beginning J Monika and Andrzej wanted just luxury, relax and nice family atmosphere far away from typical wedding rules and traditions.


The Bride and the Groom decided the wedding date by themselves at the Consulate in Barcelona already before choosing a wedding planner. It turned out that we had two months for organizing a wedding in Barcelona. The couple had specific requirements for accommodation, as well as the planning of the whole four-day trip to Barcelona.


We organized for the couple and their guests a four-day stay at the luxury 5 stars Hotel Majestic. The hotel has a beautiful, elegant interiors and excellent cuisine awarded with a Michelin star. Perfectly located in the centre of Barcelona on the most prestigious Passeige de Gracia street, it was a great starting point to visit Barcelona. We organized a sightseeing trip with a Polish guide and the group was learning about the culture of Catalonia, tasting wine, dining in the best regional restaurants in the city.


The crucial moment of the stay was an intimate wedding in a Polish consulate, where Andrzej and Monika arrived by an antique car. A beautiful red-wine peony bouquet complemented the white cocktail dress of the Bride. The blue suit of the Groom set the tone to all the details – cobalt stationery. After the wedding ceremony, the Young Couple went to an outdoor photo shooting to the historic Casa Mila and a famous botanic garden in Barcelona, which was a dream of the Bride.  The wedding dinner was held in a refined restaurant Casa Fuster which famous “undulating” façade and interiors have been designed by Gaudi.  The tables were decorated with small vases in the colour of old gold and white peonies, which made quite “heavy” interiors of the location definitely lighter. The leitmotifs of the ceremony were two beloved cats of the couple. Monika and Andrzej couldn’t take them abroad, so they decided that at least in this way they could be present during this special day.


Well, it was good that Monika and Andrzej didn’t dream of getting married in the open air. In the whole year, there are 360 sunny days in Barcelona, but during their stay, the weather was not very good (to put it mildly). The Spanish people said, “It was some kind of anomaly that it was raining for five days in a row”. Despite the lack of a traditional wedding party, the entire stay and the wedding ceremony the last day together with a stirring family dinner had an amazing personal dimension, which we wish to every couple.


See more in gallery Monika i Andrzej photo by Krzysztof Tkacz

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