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Complex wedding planning

The offer is addressed to the Couples that care about professional and complete planning of the whole day of the wedding and party. In this option, wedding planner in according to the Bride and Groom guidelines deals with all aspects. All the responsibilities lie on the wedding planner. The Couple actively participate in the planning by taking decisions. All the other aspects of the organization are the wedding planner part.

Art of Wedding starts the organization with defining a coherent vision of the whole wedding and party. In the next step different locations are proposed and the date of wedding is chosen. During the process of planning, the agency suggests the subcontractors who will take care of each element of the wedding and party (photographs, video, musical and aesthetic part). The agency negotiates contracts, enforces their right realisation, and deals with all technical and logistic aspects of the entire event.  All the work is properly budgeted and the culmination of the preparative part is a detailed scenario of the wedding day. Wedding planners will also coordinate the event in process.

The work on the complex organization begins with the selection of the location and setting a date for the wedding. It ends up on settlements and supervising the dismantling the day after the wedding party.

To know the details about the agency’s operating range, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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