Paulina and Krzysztof – wedding full of attractions

The dream of Paulina and Krzysztof was a wedding that would combine elegance and style with love for everything that innovative. The Bride dreamed of an elegant wedding in a glamour style and the Groom wanted a spectacular wedding party.


And so was also their engagement! Paulina and Krzysztof began their way to altar with an unusual marriage proposal on the New Year’s Eve in Rome, under Colosseum. When it was finally the hour 00:00 and the fireworks lighted up the sky, Krzysztof knelt down, took out a ring and asked the crucial question. Oh, and that’s it …. the ring … Amazing!  This remarkable but classic ring defined the leading colour of the whole event: cobalt. The colour was visible everywhere, starting with the Bride’s shoes and the Groom’s bow-tie and ending on road signs, flags and tablecloth. We combined cobalt colour with a gold monogram, red roses. classic white flowers on the presidential table and feathers! I would like to add that the corset of the Bride’s dress was embroidered with real swan feathers.


The wedding was very classic and moving. Small charming bridesmaids were sprinkling flowers; Krzysztof’s nephew dressed just like the Groom carried the wedding rings. After the wedding ceremony, there was a moment for family wishes under the church. It was accompanied by the music of a band playing live the “old jazz” style and all the guests received delicious pralines in a box with the monogram of the Young Couple. This classic beginning of the ceremony was perfectly completed by an energetic cover band playing also live music during the party.


It all fantastically formed a coherent and avant-garde event. Why avant-garde? Because on the tables, instead of flowers, there were huge, beautiful, highlighted plums made of ostrich feathers. The flowers as a decorative element were placed only on the presidential table and along the path leading to the main entrance of the hall. The decoration was incredibly effective and wonderfully corresponded with the character of the location and with the expectations of the Bride and Groom.


There were 200 people participating in the wedding party of Paulina and Krzysztof but it was much more than just a party – it was an unusual event-wedding! Why? Mainly because of the quantity of attractions that are not very common. We organized, among others, a performance of a violinist and harpist playing electronic music, an impressive laser show in the open air showing the love story of Paulina and Krzysztof. The icing on the cake was a concert of the star of the evening Krzysztof Krawczyk.


Thanks to those interesting attractions, guests enjoyed the party and talked about an innovating and eye-catching decoration for a long time after the event. Elegant wedding in a glamour style – Paulina’s and Krzysztof ‘s dream came true!

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