Wedding planner, is it worth it?

Wedding planner, is it worth it?


The period of the wedding preparations is often a violent collision of the Young Couple dreams with the reality. It turns out that there is no ideal location for the wedding party, dreams are not covered by the financial possibilities, and some “original ideas” are too difficult to come true because of technical reasons. The Bride and Groom often don’t have much knowledge about the wedding market and they are not conscious about the cost of each service. Wedding planner is the solution to all those problems.


What do you gain by employing a wedding planner?


First of all, peace of mind, which is so important in organizing weddings. The organization itself takes a lot of time and nerves (not to mention the wedding day). There come out things about which the Bride and Groom did not have the faintest idea and that need to be remembered. There are crisis situations that the Young Couple didn’t predict and that need to be resolved in the last moment. With the wedding planner You don’t have to worry about anything. Wedding planner is always two steps ahead the Couple. It operates in accordance with a predetermined organization plan. The Young Couple does not have to take leave from work to supervise the organization. Instead, they can use their holidays for a honeymoon. It is not necessary to take breaks from work to check the eighth photographer. The purpose of a wedding planner is to reduce the stress associated with the wedding to minimum. There will be no terrible “last minute” expenses  (often overpaid)) and those disturbing thoughts that something was forgotten. The Young Couple will be able to spend all the night on having fun with their Guests and not coordinating the work of the kitchen with the rest of the team.


How the cooperation with a wedding planner looks like?


I like comparing a wedding planner service to shopping. For example if You have to buy a dress, You go from one store to another. You search on the shelves, try, stand in queues. You spend many afternoons to find the best one and You know by heart all the shopping malls, but You didn’t manage to reach the goal. And now imagine that You enter only in one store, where the clothes have been imported specially for you – in your favourite colours, styles, in your size and in accordance with your budget. Your job is only to watch it, try and decide which dress will be Yours. This “shop” is a meeting with Your wedding planner.

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